Fed up with adwares ?

When we install some free programs we may also get some new toolbars and adwares. Some of them can access your browser settings and can change them. They contain malicious codes. In most of the cases the home page of the browser that we had set is changed to some other websites. And there is a chance of getting fake pop-ups such as “You have won a Samsung Galaxy S5. Click accept to get your prize” etc… Don’t click on any anonymous messages like this. They are doing this because they are getting ad-revenue. So the best thing we can do is to read the terms and conditions before downloading and installing a new free program. If third-party programs are available in the package, uncheck all the checkboxes related to that. Also make sure that you are downloading the program from official developer’s site or any other trusted site. babylon   If the damage is already done, then the next step we can do is to remove that program. Most of the adwares and toolbars are difficult to uninstall. Some of them will be there even after the removal. Removing each one separately is a tough task. Here is a simple tool every one can make a try. Adware Cleaner. You can download it from http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/adwcleaner/ Just run the file and click on the scan button. Then the application starts to check the files, folders and registry for unwanted harmful files and list them. ad   When the scan is completed, click on the clean button. Then you will get a warning message that “Adware cleaner must restart the computer to complete the removal process. The report will be opened on the next reboot”. Click on the OK button. 2 When the system is restarted, a .txt file containing the removed unwanted programs will be shown. You can close that text file and now your system is free from all unwanted programs. 🙂 (N.B: This tool cannot be used as a substitute for any anti-virus program. It won’t detect viruses).

Is your PC starting up slowly ?

No one of us likes to use a slow PC. We really get frustrated when we have to wait for a long time sitting idle in front of the PC waiting for it to start up, whether be it at home or at office.

Here are some simple ways to make your system faster. Open the start button and click on the Run button.

You can also get this run box by a keyboard shortcut. Win key + R.


When the run box is displayed type “msconfig” in that and press enter ( ignore quotes) .

Then a System Configuration Utility box will pop-up. In that, select the startup tab and uncheck the items that you don’t want during the system startup.

Too much of startup items slows down your system. After disabling unwanted startup items click on Apply button and confirm the changes.


Once that is done, Restart the machine for the changes to take place, and notice the difference in speed  🙂

Cannot connect to real www.google.co.in ?

Sometimes the biggest problems, have the easiest fixes. If you are getting a warning message like the one shown below, then the reason behind this will be nothing other than an error in system date & time.


Whenever you get a warning message like this, make a look at the right bottom corner of your system and check whether the system date and time is correct. If it is not correct, then correct the date and time and try reloading the page.

If you are getting the same message after the next restart then it’s time to change your CMOS battery inside the CPU.

You don’t have to call a technician to rectify this issue. It is as easy as changing the battery of a clock. Get one new CMOS battery and replace it with the old one. Open the CPU box and find a circular shaped battery fixed towards the rear end and dislodge it from its current holding and place the newly bought one.