Issue with horde in Plesk : Attachments not going through !

Once the Plesk panel gets updated to 11.5.x , the horde gets an upgrade as well : to horde 5.

On horde 5, there might be a weird issue in which mails would be sent out fine,  but any attachments would not be. You will not see any errors or warnings, however, the attachments will not be received at the other end.

The issue was , the temporary directory of horde had the wrong ownership of apache:apache. Change this to horde_sysuser:horde_sysgroup and things will be fine.

First check the location of temporary horde directory :

# grep -i tmpdir  /usr/share/psa-horde/config/conf.php

Most of the cases, it should be /tmp ( the default value )

# ls -la /tmp/ | grep .horde

Find the ownership of .horde and check if its apache:apache

Change it to :

# chown -R horde_sysuser:horde_sysgroup /tmp/.horde/
This should solve the problem with attachments !



Issue with r1soft backup agent !

Last day, got an issue which prevented a backup node to take the regular backup’s of a server which was already configured and working well.

The error which showed in backup node was :

Remote host unexpectedly closed the connection

Tried to stop the agent service running in the server and the error now obtained showed : “Connection refused

This meant that there was connections going through initially between the backup node and the concerned server, but somehow connection wasn’t getting established. Made sure the ports are opened and are listening in the server.

A quick grep on /var/log/messages showed the following :

Date hostname buagent: Was unable to create shared memory for log buffer

On checking the /etc/buagent/agent_config file, could see the CacheDir variable was set to : /var/cache/buagent

On trying to cd into the directory, was facing the error, ‘lots of symbolic links created’ and this error was preventing to enter in.

Removed the symlinks which is really not needed , re-created the folder/var/cache/buagent and attempted a backup task, bingo ! All good !!





Getting an empty /etc/userdomains file ?

Even though you have several domains, do you see an empty /etc/userdomains file ? This issue can pop up at times when your disk space gets filled up and the cPanel services malfunction. All you need to do is to update the cPanel domain- config files. This can be done by the script :

# /scripts/updateuserdomains

Now, you will be able to see the domains listed !